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What are the advantages of Vlang over other C family of languages?

Vortex5ber Jan 19 09:02
I like the concept of Vlang, simple, painless deployment, non-OOP, non-bloated small footprint etc. Many of the popular and well-respected programming languages are descendant of C. Even non-popular C dialects / superset / subset are also powerful enough and feature rich. What about Vlang? Will it be ca
pable to handle Numerical Analysis, Mobile programming, Webassembly, Big data, Machine learning, Asynchronous programming, etc.?

1. Ch is built for numerical analysis, like Python, R, Clojure and Julia. It is with computational array for scientific numerical computation and visualization and embeddable but unfortunately proprietary language.

2. Safe-C Programming Language

3. Checked C, a C extension for writing more secure and reliable C programs.

4. Cyclone Programming Language, a safe dialect of C Programming Language. Unfortunately it is no long
er supported and it won't build on 64 bit platform.

5. Chapel Programming Language is designed for productive parallel computing on large-scale systems.

6. Cilk Programming Language is designed for multithreaded parallel computing.
cristian-ilies-vasile Feb 9 09:07
o V is a cocktail of GO, D, Rust, C plus original ideas.
o V is able to transpile to C (and JS), so from C source code one can compile to any processor/architecture/OS including WASM.
o Alex and crew do a fantastic job to ensure correctness of the language with no more null pointer exceptions or undefined behavior.
o the design of a turbo fast compiler will blu
r the line between ahead of time vs just in time compiling phases.

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