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As of 4-Feb-2020, Vlang is at 221 spot in Rosetta Code ranking

Vortex5ber Feb 11 10:04
As of 4-Feb-2020, Vlang is now tied with Harbour at rank 221 at Rosetta Code ranking with 41 entries, overtaking classic programming languages RapidQ and GW-BASIC.
cristian-ilies-vasile Feb 11 18:26
"The number of UNIX installations has grown to 10, with more expected...”
— Dennis Ritchie
adlesh Mar 7 17:34
I think you're reading the wrong one. There's an existing stack based language named V that has 40 entries. Our V is listed under Vlang and has about 20 or so with more on the way. We should be #302. Feel free to add to them th9ugh. There's a link to the GH repo on the vlang rc page

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