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Can't run executables

rraines Mar 9 06:49
When I compile a program, then run the executable it fails with permission denied unless I copy it to the same directory as the "v" executable. Permissions are not the issue, they are the same regardless of the folder it is in and I can run C executable from the same folders. Anyone else seen this?
rraines Mar 9 06:54
Forgot to mention I am on Linux.
RiordanIX Mar 10 16:43
how are you running the built application? It should be as simple as:
v my_app.v
rraines Mar 12 03:44
Should be, but when I do that in any folder other than the V build directory it errors with permission denied. I set paths to the v executable, lib directories, etc I'm on Arch so no SELinux oddities.
rraines Mar 12 03:58
Looks like it was something simple, we recently (just this week) started using nfs shares for our dev directories, they did not mount them with exec permissions.

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